right to careWe are working to ensure that all children and young people in the UK are able to access the care they need, no matter where they are from.

CCLC holds a community care legal aid contract through which we advise and represent children and families. The Migrant Children’s Project email advice service we advise families with alternate care arrangements, families across borders, and children and young people on the edges of care. We also work closely with Coram Voice, specialist advocates for children and young people who are or were in care in the UK to help children have their voices heard in the care system.

Recent briefings and consultation responses

‘I just want to be safe’: Coram Children’s Legal Centre’s response to the Department for Education Consultation on Unregulated Accommodation, June 2020

Submission to Department for Education consultation on revised Family and Friends Care Statutory Guidance, June 2018

Evidence for the Department for Education National Fostering Stocktake
June 2017

Department for Education consultation on draft guidance ‘Care of unaccompanied migrant children and child victims of modern slavery’
March 2017

Briefing for Children and Social Work Bill Second Reading House of Lords, Second Reading
June 2016