Brexit will have a profound impact on the lives of children and young people for many years to come. We are working to ensure that the rights of children and young people are considered throughout the negotiation process and that the best interests of children are put first.

Settlement for European national children in the UK 

There are over 900,000 EU national children in the UK who are being required to prove that they have the right to remain in the UK after Brexit to avoid becoming ‘undocumented’ after the end of the Brexit transition period (which will be 31 June 2021 or 31 December 2020 depending on whether the UK leaves the EU with a deal or not). The Home Office estimates that between 10 and 20% of all applicants will be vulnerable. 5,000 EU children are in local authority care, separated from their families.

Although the Government has repeatedly asserted that the application process will be ‘straightforward and streamlined’, many children and young people will have complex cases, especially if they live separately from their parents. CCLC has been working with the Home Office and Department for Education for many months to ensure that children, young people and families receive the support they need to secure permanent status in this country. For more information, read our latest briefing  Uncertain futures: the EU settlement scheme and children and young people’s right to remain in the UK and the Westminster Hall debate on looked after children and the EU settlement scheme, for which we briefed on behalf of the Refugee and Migrant Children’s Consortium.

The protection and promotion of children’s rights

Together with notable children’s charities and experts, in 2017 we published Making Brexit work for children: The impact of Brexit on children and young people, highlighting the sector’s key concerns, including the need to ensure that children’s rights are routinely protected and promoted when EU law is transposed into domestic law, and ensuring that European national children in the UK are able to build their futures in this country. We lobbied throughout the passage of the EU (Withdrawal Bill) – read our House of Lords briefings on children’s rights and safeguarding.

Recent briefings and consultation responses