We are proud to have helped shape law and guidance with our policy work and strategic litigation. Our reported cases, include:

P v Worcestershire County Council [2016] UKUT 120 (AAC) – this decision provided further guidance on the consideration of costs for the mainstream schooling of children with special educational needs.

Gloucestershire County Council v EH [2017] UKUT 85 (AAC) – this decision confirmed local authorities’ continuing duties to young people with special educational needs over compulsory school age.

S v Worcestershire County Council [2017] UKUT 92 (AAC) – this decision confirmed that the First Tier Tribunal can order amendments to Outcomes in Section E.

MG v Cambridgeshire County Council (SEN) [2017] UKUT 0172 (AAC) – this decision confirmed that costs can be claimed against the other side at inter-party rates despite the matter being funded by legal aid. It was an important warning to local authorities to act reasonably and fairly during proceedings.

East Sussex County Council v KS (SEN): [2017] UKUT 273 (AAC) – Despite the Upper Tribunal ruling that the local authority could not be lawfully ordered by the First Tier Tribunal to pay clinical fees having named a particular school,  CCLC was able to secure a positive outcome for the client when the matter remitted back to the First Tier Tribunal.

M v Hertfordshire County Council (SEN): [2019] UKUT 37 (AAC) – the Upper Tribunal held that the First-tier Tribunal failed to take into account school-related anxiety when considering if section 61 of the Children and Families Act 2014 applied (education otherwise than at a school or institution).

F v Responsible Body of School W [2020] UKUT 112 (AAC) – following a successful appeal by CCLC, the Upper Tribunal has provided guidance on how the registration of discrimination claims should be made. See details about case.