The Illegal Migration Act, local authorities and separated children

In October 2023 the Refugee and Migrant Children’s Consortium hosted a conference at Coram on the Illegal Migration Act, local authorities and separated children.

The conference, which was attended by professionals from across local government and the children’s and immigration sectors, looked at:

  1. which children would be affected by the Illegal Migration Act, in what timeframes, and how they would be affected
  2. how best to support children and young people impacted by the Act, and
  3. legal challenges in this area and how people can contribute to challenging this legislation and the surrounding policy.

Since the conference, the Supreme Court published its judgment on the Rwanda case, and this has significantly delayed and altered the ways in which the Act is likely to be implemented.

A write up of the conference, including information on the likely impact of the Rwanda judgment can be read here.