Looked after children and care leavers with EU rights

This fact sheet provides an explanation of the arrangements for securing the rights of looked-after children/care leavers who are currently in the UK under EU legal rights, following the vote for the UK to leave the EU. This page is correct as of 18 August 2019. To view more information on EU law rights, including…

UASC leave

UASC leave is granted to unaccompanied asylum-seeking children whose asylum claim has been rejected. This page explains what it is, what the problems with it are, and what the consequences of a grant of UASC leave may be.

Local authority support for asylum-seeking children (UASC)

This page lays out the support owed to unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) from local authorities, gives up-to-date information on the national transfer scheme and outlines the processes by which to challenge the support given or withheld.

‘No study’ conditions and immigration bail

‘No study’ conditions and immigration bail You can also read our pages on: claiming asylum as a child in the UK, further education (including sixth form and college), and higher education (including university). In January 2018, the UK government made significant changes to the law regarding immigration bail and detention. ‘Immigration bail’  replaced several old kinds of status, including…