‘No study’ conditions and immigration bail

‘No study’ conditions and immigration bail You can also read our pages on: claiming asylum as a child in the UK, further education (including sixth form and college), and higher education (including university). In January 2018, the UK government made significant changes to the law regarding immigration bail and detention. ‘Immigration bail’  replaced several old kinds of status, including…

Children in care with immigration issues

Children in care who are not asylum seekers may have an immigration issue that often goes under the radar. It is vital to get them help as soon as possible.

Immigration guidance for teachers

Every child has the right to compulsory education, and the right to be in school. Immigration status does not affect this. The guidance on this page was put together as part of the ‘Belonging’ schools toolkit, designed by Coram Life Education and young people from Coram’s Young Citizens programme.

Fee waivers for immigration applications

This page provides information on the fee waivers available for certain kinds of immigration applications in the UK, who is eligible, and how to apply.

Explaining your status while your extension application is being decided

If you have limited leave to remain in the UK, you will need to apply to the Home Office to extend your leave before the limited leave finishes. If you make a valid, in-time application to extend your leave, then your permission to stay will keep going until you receive a decision (and any appeal decision). This is known as section 3C leave.

Immigration and child trafficking

This page explains the interplay between trafficking and immigration status, and is one of a series of fact sheets about child trafficking.

Children’s best interests

This page provides information on the concept of children’s best interests, why this concept is important and how to apply it to work with migrant and refugee children.