Local authority (section 17) support for migrant families

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This web page is only an introduction and does not cover all the issues. For more detailed information on section 17 support, download the full fact sheet at the side and bottom of this page. This webpage is correct as of 31st July 2019.

This page provides some information on local authority support for migrant families. This includes what section 17 support is, eligibility for support,  child in need assessments and challenging a refusal or withdrawal of support.

One of the leading charities in relation to section 17 support for migrant families is Project 17. For further information on their services, please see their website.

You can also find detailed information on section 17 support and local authority duties from the NRPF Network’s website.

The Immigration Act 2016 proposed significant changes to eligibility for section 17 support. Please note that these provisions are not in force and there is no indication that they will come into force in the near future.

Section 17 support for migrant families is a complicated topic. We advise that you download the full fact sheet below for more detailed information.

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