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Here you will find the latest news, updates and links relating to migrant children and young people.

For commentary by the Migrant Children's Project on recent legal issues and developments, click here.

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Children entering detention held solely under Immigration Act powers in June 2014
Home Office, 28 August 2014

Monthly management information on children entering detention, held solely under Immigration Act powers. 9 detained at Tinsley House, 3 at Cedars and 1 at Dover



Punishing child victims of trafficking is not justice
UNICEF, 26 August 2014

At least 10 children are trafficked every week in the UK. We have the power to stop this

Leeds family ‘could be torn apart by immigration battle’
Yorkshire Evening Post, 25 August 2014

A couple are pleading with the Government not to “put a price on love” amid fears that immigration rules on minimum incomes will tear their young family apart.

The readers’ editor on… whether we should use the term ‘illegal immigrant’
The Guardian, 20 August 2014
A person can’t be illegal – but is there a concise alternative to describe someone who is in a country unlawfully?

From Iraq to Tilbury: migrants, health and borders
Open Democracy, 
21 August 2014
We bear powerless witness to mountain massacres, to bombs raining on life-saving hospitals. But does our compassion evaporate when those fleeing such strife reach our borders in steel containers?

Half of young people would fail the National Citizenship test
You Gov, 21 August 2014
YouGov tested a representative sample of British adults on the revamped citizenship test for aspiring immigrants and found that 1 in 2 young people would fail

Child mental health services 'stuck in the dark ages', says Norman Lamb
The Guardian, 20 August 2014
Care and support minister says options available to young people are 'not fit for purpose' and vows overhaul

Migrants found in Somerset lorry lead to arrest of suspected trafficker
The Guardian, 19 August 2014
German man held after group of 15 claiming to be from Eritrea and Kashmir emerge from refrigerated container

UK taxpayer faces £220m bill over e-borders contract termination
The Guardian, 19 August 2014
Tribunal finds flaws in process by which UK Border Agency decided to scrap contract with US-based Raytheon in 2010

LSE launches new award for asylum seekers
LSE, 18 August 2014

LSE is set to offer financial support worth up to £20,000 per year for asylum seekers who have been offered a place to study at the School

Group found in container at Tilbury includes 13 children
The Guardian, 17 August 2014
30 of the 35 suspected illegal immigrants – believed to be Sikhs from Afghanistan – have now left hospital

Home Office review of asylum support rates will leave vulnerable people living in poverty
Refugee Action, 12 August 2014

The Home Office today announced that the cripplingly low level of support paid to people seeking asylum in the UK will remain unchanged

Top judge authorises court to cover legal aid in challenge to government
The Guardian, 6 August 2014

Sir James Munby directs court service to pay for lawyers the Legal Aid Agency refused to provide to ensure justice is done

The Government Should Abandon Its Unlawful Legal Aid Residence Test Plan
The Huffington Post, 4 August 2014
Anita Hurrell outlines how defeated 'residence test' for legal aid went against children's rights and the rule of law



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