Kamena Dorling, Head of Policy and Programmes

Kamena Dorling, Head of Policy and Programmes 


Kamena Dorling is Head of Policy and Programmes at Coram Children’s Legal Centre, leading the Centre's policy advocacy and running the Migrant Children’s Project, which promotes the rights of children affected by immigration control in the UK. She has worked on issues facing refugees and migrants for over twelve years, including at the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, and as Assistant Director of Women for Refugee Women. She has an LLM in International Human Rights Law.

Kamena wrote the guide Seeking Support: A guide to the rights and entitlements of separated children, the fourth edition of which came out in 2012, and has co-authored a number of reports including Administrative detention of children: A global report (2011), Navigating the System: Advice provision for young refugees and migrants (2012), Happy Birthday? Disputing the age of children in the immigration system (2013) and Growing up in hostile environment: The rights of undocumented migrant children in the UK (2013).

Kamena co-chairs the Refugee Children’s Consortium, a group of over 40 organisations working to promote and protect the rights of refugee children.

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